Congresswoman Jenkins Discusses Trade Barriers Harming Kansas Producers


WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a Ways and Means Committee hearing on President Obama’s trade policy agenda, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (KS-02) questioned U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman about existing trade barriers with China:

“Opening markets and leveling the playing field for Kansas agriculture producers and American workers is a key priority for the Ways and Means Committee,” said Congresswoman Jenkins following the hearing. “It is proven to promote economic growth and job creation. Our goal is to craft trade policies that ensure our producers are not at a disadvantage in the global markets.”

Congresswoman Jenkins made the following remarks during the hearing:

“Many of us have serious concerns about our economic relationship with China. One area of great concern to my constituents in Kansas is China’s unjustified barriers to US agriculture.

“These barriers ignore international standards, they have no basis in science, and they raise serious questions about whether China is complying with it’s WTO obligations.

“Most specifically, the World Organization for Animal Health recognized last year that all cuts of US beef are safe, yet China continues to ban US beef imports.

“Now, I know Congressman (Adrian) Smith (R-NE) touched on this, but the first thing I wanted to ask is that you address what USTR is doing to ensure China’s regulations on agriculture products, beef in particular, comply with its WTO obligations that are otherwise based on international standards and sound science.”

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