Text Free Driver

In response to the 1.6 million accidents caused each year by texting and driving, Briggs Ft. Scott and KOAMNewsNow.com have teamed up to make the roads safer in our 4-State Area. Thank you for joining us by pledging to be a Text-Free Driver.

After taking the pledge below you will receive a free window cling by mail for your vehicle to spread awareness and support.

In an effort to save lives, reduce injuries and protect property I pledge to take a public stand against texting and driving.

I pledge:
  • to stay focused on driving by leaving my phone in my pocket, purse or glove compartment and never read or send a text until I’ve reached my destination.
  • to utilize the technology in my phone that prevents texts from being received or sent, automatically sending a notification that I will respond when I’m no longer driving.
  • to spread the message about road safety, encouraging members of my family and friends to be a Text-Free Driver, too.  
  • to be a vocal advocate for driving safety by speaking up if the driver of the car I’m riding in is distracted by a phone.
  • to be a strong example to younger drivers, helping to educate them about the dangers of texting and driving behind the wheel.
  • to take a public stance against texting and driving by placing the Text-Free Driver window cling on my car for other drivers to see.