Community supports local businesses during less than traditional sidewalk sale in Joplin

Local businesses participate in sidewalk sale from their own spaces to help with social distancing

JOPLIN, Mo. – Downtown Joplin’s annual Sidewalk Sale was less than traditional this year. To try and keep the community safe because of the Coronavirus pandemic, local businesses participated in the event from their own spaces to allow for social distancing.

Blush boutique owner Julie Bollin opted to hold her sale inside, out of the heat.

“It would just be easier for everybody with their masks, you know, to come inside,” says Bollin.

With the less than normal sidewalk sale, Bollin says she did not know what to expect.

“I thought it might be a little slower, but I honestly feel like it’s been busier this year, for us, than it was last year. And last year was great too,” adds Bollin.

Community members say supporting local businesses in events like these really boost our economy.

“It’s easier just to order online and just forget about what is going on in community, which affects all of our sales tax and our growth…and the people around us, so it’s very important to shop local,” says Joplin resident, Becky Bertoncino.

“We need the revenue in Joplin to keep us going too. Yeah, absolutely,” adds Joplin resident Gail Jarmin.

One thing that was missed from the event was just being able to be outside in the community.

“Obviously, it’s more comfortable inside, but I don’t know, just being outside when everybody is outside doing an event like that is just kind of fun,” adds Bollin.

The downtown Joplin’s Sidewalk Sale is held traditionally every year on the last Saturday in July, and it has been going on for more than 30 years.