Community pool in Seneca closes due to unsafe conditions

The pool will remain closed until further notice
Community pool in Seneca closes due to unsafe conditions

The Seneca, Missouri community pool is 41 years old.

“I remember in junior high that was the place during the summer that’s where myself and all my friends would go during the day and it was a popular place to go” said local resident and Chamber of Commerce member, Lori Scribner.

What was once known as the go to spot, is now considered a major liability.

“It is just beyond repair at this point, the equipment is old its run down there’s a large crack that goes through the middle of the pool causing the water to drain out from the bottom” added Scribner.
The pool also has tiles falling apart, broken ladders, the splash pad does not work, and the chlorine system has become faulty.

City officials have assessed the condition of the pool and decided to close it early this year. It was supposed to stay open until August 11th.

“It’s just sad to see it in the condition that it’s in” said Scribner.

Scribner says she doesn’t think the pool will be open next year, but that she hopes city officials can come up with a plan soon to fix it.

“Unfortunately that’s probably what we’re looking at is having a summer without a pool but hopefully by the following year we will have something in place for the kids.”

City council member, Cecil Vance says they have made numerous repairs to the pool over the years and nothing has worked.

He says that building a new pool would cost around $2,000,000, which he says the city does not have.

“We can only work with what we have and that’s taxes, and water revenue and sewer revenue.”

Vance says the pool has been a huge financial problem for a while.

“It’s been a losing proposition ever since it was put in the city has been paying more, were losing more than what parks and rec gets a year in taxes.”

With the safety concern, and lack of funding, the pool will remain closed until further notice.

“It’s a shame that we’re not going to have it, I don’t know how long it’ll take to resolve it, but we’re going to work on it” added Vance.

“It’s definitely disappointing” added Scribner.

The City has also been unable to receive any grants, as the area is a flood plain.
Council Members will continue to assess the situation during meetings to come up with a plan for the future.


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