Community members upset after Facebook post showed abuse to ducks at Big Spring Park

Officials are looking into preventative measures

A Facebook post has circulated that showed pictures of children in Neosho at the Big Spring Park, throwing rocks and using sticks to hit the ducks there.

It was first made public on December 22nd and now has more than 700 shares and over 100 comments of community members who are surprised and angry that the wildlife was treated this way.

The identities and ages of the kids are not known.

“I was really shocked it seemed like everyone around here is pretty nice and the kids are reasonably decent and I think you know they really need to get a hold of their kids and say listen kindness goes a long way and you really shouldn’t be hurting animals or people” said local resident Jody Jill Marsh.

Since the post was shared, it has received a lot of attention. The Neosho Police and the Parks and Recreation Department have been made aware of the issue.

The Parks Superintendent Clint Dalbom was not happy to hear of the incident.

“There are cameras down here, and we do catch some things on video and anybody that would do harm to a defenseless animal like a duck living here in the park I don’t have a lot of pity for them.”

He says there has been vandalism to the park recently as well, they have security footage of young kids doing the vandalizing. They have caught a group before, and they were punished with community service. This new incident just adds to the importance of respecting the park and its inhabitants.

“They are not a real tough animal I would say, and you hit them with a stick or throw a rock at them you could kill them and it’s kind of a sad thought to think someone is doing that for fun.”

Dalbom expressed that if they catch anyone abusing the ducks or vandalizing the park that it is a violation and action will be taken. They are asking the community to contact the city or police department if you witness this happening again. Those involved could be looking at fines or community service.

“I’ve always heard it said that idle hands do the devils work and that may be the case that’s going on here as well”

He added that they are hoping to add more security measure to the park to ensure that it does not keep happening.

“Hopefully it gets resolved and people in the community don’t look down upon these kids, they are kids it’s no excuse, but at the same time it does come down to kindness” added Marsh.


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