Community members come together to clean up Morse Park after recent vandalism

More than 20 people came out to Morse Park to clean up garbage

NEOSHO, Mo: First it was graffiti…now damage to Morse Parks grounds. Earlier this week, a driver left deep ruts in the snow covered grass at the Park.

The vandalism to the Neosho communities beloved park continues and community members are not happy.

“To me, I feel like we should enforce the law and maybe even bring down the hammer on them” said 11 year-old Neosho resident, Alex Coutu.

Alex is tired of seeing people trash the park, so he joined in on a cleanup effort, hoping to make a difference for area wildlife.

“If we come in time we can clean up the park before the animals and the plants run into trash”

Alex along with more than 20 other people put on some gloves, grabbed a trash bag and got to work picking up garbage throughout the park and hickory creek.

“It’ll help the animals so they don’t eat something they aren’t supposed to eat and also it’ll help the plantation grow without interruptions” said Alex.

The cleanup effort was put together by Neosho resident, Justin Carnahan, after he saw the damage that was done to the area.

“I think the best way to combat negativity is with an overwhelming show of unity and positivity.”

Dozens of people came out to show their support.
Carnahan says many in the community are concerned about the continual vandalism.

“That’s not the type of view I want people seeing Neosho as, were a caring community of people who care about our parks and we want to make sure people are aware of that”

He’s hoping the cleanup will inspire others to help preserve the parks in the area and end the vandalism once and for all.

“For me it’s a culture that we need to cultivate in our town not just a one day event that we think of once a day or once a year, I want it to be something that we constantly try to improve on.”

There will be a ‘Friends of the Park’ meeting at the Lampo Community Center at 6 P.M. on Tuesday, February 11th, to discuss the recent vandalism and ways to continue preserving the area.