Community joins Hardee family in praying for safe return of missing teen

WEBB CITY, Mo. – Huddled against the wind and cold, dozens of people gather together to lift up Leora Hardee’s family, praying that wherever she is, she’s warm and safe. Even though the family is heartsick with worry over the young teen, they’re thankful for this support.Hug

“It means a lot. It brings me peace to know people are out there looking and praying. It really means a lot to me and my family,” said Leta Hardee, Leora’s mom.

“Without the community, we would be more lost than we are right now,” emphasized Tammy Adkins, Leora’s grandma.

So far, despite aid from local and national agencies, including the FBI, police say there are no new developments in Leora’s case. Authorities have followed up on over 120 leads. She was last seen in her neighborhood in the area of D Street and North Wall Avenue on September 17th. With each passing day, family and friends grow more anxious.

“If it was my child, I would want as many people as possible here to support me and looking for my child,” said Brandi Price, a family friend.

Yellow ribbons and missing posters line the street where Leora disappeared, a painful reminder for the many people who miss her.Huddle

“The yellow ribbon symbolizes her being gone and we plan on wearing it until she is found or she returns home,” explained Price.

“We need reminders. We need to keep her face out there and keep the faith that someone will see her and do the right thing and bring her home,” said Adkins.

Randy Steele, a minister with New Hope United Methodist Church, offered prayers of peace and hope for Leora’s family, leading the group in song. He told the group to lift the family up in prayer as they lean on their faith to help get them through this uncertain time.

Leora’s family hopes this message gets back to her and these lights will help guide her home.

“We all need to know that she’s okay and safe,” said Hardee.Vigil LightHardee Missing Photo

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Leora Hardee, please contact the Joplin Police Dept.