Community helps Miami family find new home after fire

MIAMI, Okla. – In May of 2020, fire destroyed the Miami, Oklahoma home of the Carson family. Unable to rebuild, they lived with family, until their more distant family came to lend a hand.

After the fire the Carson’s didn’t know what was next. But that didn’t last long. It took just one Facebook post and within five minutes, the kids had clothes. Friends, family and even some strangers rallied around them ready to help.

“Then the next day people were just driving by while we were cleaning up and stuff, just handing him money,” said Tess Carson. “The whole community just came together.”

Casey Carson’s family also stepped up in a big way.

“We had a lot of people especially my aunt and my uncle they let us live with them,” said Casey.

But the Carson’s, a family of five, wanted a place to call their own.

“It was very stressful. It was hard,” said Tess. “They (the kids) slept on the floor in the back. They didn’t mind it, but I knew they’d rather have their beds”.

They used donations and a year of savings to get to this point.

“Having our own space is nice. It’s good to finally go home,” said Casey

The Carson’s new home is also in Miami.