Community comes together to honor and remember Dr. Camille Hostetter

Hostetter was killed Monday Nov, 18th

A vigil was held to honor and remember Camille Hostetter’s life. Former patients, friends and family lit candles, sharing memories of the woman who touched so many lives.

The vigil was held at Cunningham Park in Joplin.

Dr. Hostetter was best known for her dental work with special needs kids. Something that parents like Kandace Logan found was hard to come by.

“The first time I met her she was like listen kids bite some times it’s okay. She was completely compassionate, she wasn’t worried about it, she said if he needs something to calm him we’ll do that and every time he needed dental work done we would take him to the hospital, and she would give him a sedative, and she would do it there and its always been wonderful for him, and he hasn’t been scared to go to the dentist since then” said Kandace Logan, her son was a patient of Hostetters.

She has been bringing her son to Hostetter for 14 years now. The news of her death was heartbreaking.

“To lose someone who so willingly accepted him and never had a problem and was so kind to him, it made a huge impact and my son said he just wished he could tell her thank-you…so that was hard.”

Logan says Dr. Hostetter filled a gap for families in the community who relied on limited means.

“One of the first conversations I had with her was the reason she was focusing on pediatrics was because she saw a need for those who had Medicaid. She needed to fill that void because it’s so hard to find a dentist that takes Medicaid.”

Her acceptance of Medicaid drew many patients to her. Lyni Patrum brought her kids there for that very reason.

“She was one of those one of a kind dentist, and she went above and beyond to help every kid and every family out.”

Parents say she will be greatly missed.

“She was really a truly amazing woman” added Patrum.

Logan said she is not ready to even look for another dentist, for her it is not time to fill that void yet.

“It’s a huge loss for this community and people who have children with special needs I have seen post after post about how she was so wonderful with children with special needs and that’s a huge void that can never be filled that I mean no ones gonna be able to fill all of those the way that she did”.


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