Community comes together to conquer overgrowth at 23rd Street Bike Park

Community comes together to conquer overgrowth at 23rd Street Bike Park
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The trails at 23rd Street Bike Park have seen highs and lows over the years, battling overgrowth and neglect.

“I’ve noticed that sometimes the thorns would grab your arms as you’re riding by, or maybe you get poison ivy on you if you come try to have a nice day here, and that kind of ruins the experience,” explained 18-year-old Ethan Lomshek.

That’s why Lomshek adopted the park as his Eagle Scout (Troop 81) project last fall, and with the help of dozens of volunteers, began the long road to recovering the trails, committing 240 hours to clearing weeds and trees.

“The main goal was to bring the community together and bring more business to the park, and that would allow more people to see that there’s more to Pittsburg than what they’re used to.”

A construction crew donated their time and equipment to dirt work, making trails safer for cyclists and walkers.

“We get a lot of mixed group of users now that we’ve made the park more friendly, just folks out walking their dog, people with their grandkids, moms with joggers with babies in it,” explained Roger Lomshek, Ethan’s dad, and the owner of Tailwinds Cycling.

The idea is to keep the trail cleanup going with continued help from volunteers in the community.

“Our next goal is kinda to take it to the next level and make this the kind of park that people are willing to drive to, from say Kansas City, to ride a really fun adventure park.”

Lomshek couldn’t be more proud of his son, and although it’s been a bumpy road, the hard work is truly paying off.

“It’s really nice to be able to come out here now, and I’d love to see more people out here, so anytime you’re welcome to come out and have some fun.”

If you’re interested in volunteer cleanup at the Pittsburg Bike Park, you can reach out to Lomshek at 620-231-2212.


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