Commons finds new way to connect to Pittsburg community

Bryce Commons is a Special Olympics athlete from Pittsburg - who has found a new sense of joy after a hard year.

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Special Olympics athlete, Bryce Commons, has found a new sense of joy after a hard year.

“We bought it mostly for Bryce,” says his mom, Mandy Commons. “It allows him to reconnect with the community and it gives him purpose. He went from school, where he was really active, to after school with the Special Olympics, to doing nothing.”

The Commons’ are the new owners of the Pittsburg Jolly Trolley.

“2020 was a really rough year with COVID, but it was especially rough on kids with special needs,” Mandy Commons says. “He was having a especially hard day that day and I went home and I said, ‘Guess what. We’re going to buy the Jolly Trolley,’ and he just lit up. The day we brought it home he was ecstatic.”

Bryce and his family took over the business at the end of May, hoping to bring the tradition of the Jolly Trolley back to the city of Pittsburg.”

“We’re selling sno cones on the Jolly Trolley at the ballparks, birthday parties and even at the schools,” Bryce Commons says.

“That’s where the nostalgia comes in,” Mandy Commons says. “Everybody is saying, ‘Oh my gosh! The Jolly Trolley is back. This is awesome!’ The adults are telling their children, ‘This is what I had growing up.'”

Bryce adds a new personal touch to this old Pittsburg icon.

“The main personal spin is the ‘Selfies with Sno Cones and Bryce,'” Mandy Commons says. “It ends up on Bryce’s Facebook page and the Pittsburg Jolly Trolley Facebook page and Instagram. He brings joy to a lot of people.”

Bryce plans to get back to the Special Olympics.

“We have to get him out there and smiling again and then he’ll want to be active again,” Mandy Commons says.

In the meantime, he has a pretty cool new gig.

Commons and his mom will have the trolley set up at Lincoln Park on July 4th. You can check out their Facebook page to keep up with their full schedule.