Commerce parent raising money to purchase air purifiers for school district

She has purchased 25 purifiers for the Elementary School and is in need of 30 more total for the Middle and High Schools.
Commerce Schools

COMMERCE, Oklahoma. – A few weeks ago, the Commerce Public School District Board amended their policies, moving forward with all in person learning for students.

“It’s our first week back in full in person instruction. Up to this point we were doing A and B groups where A came on Monday and Tuesday and B came on Thursday and Friday” said Superintendent, Jim Haynes.

But the switch to all in person worried some parents and teachers.

“They decided when the levels went down a little bit they were just going to send all the children back to school and I could tell a lot of my teacher friends were really upset and they were sharing their donors choice and all that” said Angel Riggs-Austin.

Angel Riggs-Austin decided to help by fundraising and collecting donations to purchase air purifiers for each classroom in the elementary, middle and high schools.

“I was pretty upset so I decided I would purchase one for a teacher friend of mine, and then I decided to challenge my friends and acquaintances around Commerce to go ahead and donate too. They’re about 100 dollars apiece, so I thought if we put our money together we would get there faster.”

She has purchased 25 purifiers for the elementary school and is in need of 30 more total for the middle and high schools.

“I think that they feel they will at least maybe help a little. I don’t know if 100 percent, but I think it might give them a little piece of mind for when the classrooms are more crowded.”

Though the school district has provided each school with PPE and safety precautions, COVID-19 has changed the way their budget looks.

And Superintendent Jim Haynes says they will take any help they can get.

“We appreciate anybody that steps up to help us financially. We have limited resources and are just doing our best with the resources we do have.”

If you would like to help Angel reach her goal of 30 more air purifiers, you can email her at

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Posted by Angel Riggs-Austin on Monday, September 28, 2020