Commerce Dog Lover At Risk of Losing Almost 20 Dogs

Commerce Dog Lover At Risk of Losing Almost 20 Dogs
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“Come on, don’t worry about those dogs.”

George Eads loves dogs…but not the twenty next door.

“I want ‘em gone. I don’t want to have to listen to the noise at 3 ‘o clock, 2 o’clock, 4 o’ clock, 5 o’clock in the morning.”

Besides the noise, he’s worried about safety.

“Dogs to me aren’t mean, those dogs are mean.”

“Because she doesn’t give them any attention they don’t know how to be pets like mine does.”

But neighbor Kathy Cox says he’s part of the problem.

“But he eggs ‘em on, big time.”

Since her neighbor filed a complaint Cox is at risk of losing many of her animals who she’s trying to adopt out. Under the city ordinance she has to narrow it down to three.

“It’s hard, because I want a good home. I don’t want ’em mistreated. And I’ve seen too many mistreated animals,” says Cox.

Cox hopes many of her animals don’t end up here at the commerce pound. A tiny building just behind the fire station with room only for seven.

“She has not been a problem. Her property is never dilapidated, it’s never down, it’s never an odor issue and I know she’s an animal lover. I’ve never had a problem with her animals. The only problem we have is with the number of animals,” says Commerce Animal Control Code Enforcement Officer Al Cervantes.

The court will hear her neighbor’s complaint later next month, but till then the judge has asked her to try to get down to three. But she says she won’t part with eleven of them who survived the Picher tornado with her.

“They went flying so I think the good lord just wanted them alive and me alive for a reason. And that’s probably take care of other animals that need help.”

But her neighbor thinks unless she moves her dogs will continue to be a problem.

“She has too many and she shouldn’t be living in a residential area,” says Eads.

If you would like to inquire about adopting one of Kathy Cox’s dogs, you can find information on Animal Welfare & Adoption Society of Ottawa County‘s Facebook page.