Commemorative stamp recognizes military working dogs

Commemorative stamp recognizes military working dogs
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A new stamp hits the stands this week, paying tribute to the four-legged heroes of the military.

One couple chose to pre-order these military working dog stamps, saying it’s the least they could do to say thank you for their service.

Ted Donaldson spent 32 years in the military and says that some of his closest comrades during that time were dogs.

“A lot of the missions I was on, we had military working dogs with us, and so we understood the purpose of the military working dog, and even the police working dog. Those dogs are an extension of the handler, so whatever that handlers mission is, that dog is helping them accomplish that mission.”

Dogs continue to play an important role in Donaldson’s life as he and his wife, Amy, run a veterans advocacy program, training service and therapy dogs to help vets adjust to civilian life.

“Dogs immediately break down barriers and it’s amazing, whatever we do, even when we don’t have a service dog with us, the people…when they see the dogs, want to interact with the dogs,” explained Donaldson, Director of Compass Quest Veterans Advocacy Group.

“A dog doesn’t understand a rank, it doesn’t understand a pretty badge around its neck. All it understands is: my life is for this person,” said Amy Donaldson, Director of Thin Red Line K-9.

Together, the Donaldson’s pre-ordered a book of the new stamp collection dedicated to these furry soldiers, featuring military working dog breeds such as a German and Dutch Sheppard, Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retriever.

“We’ve done quite a few military themed service type stamps, but this is the first time we’ve had one for military service animals,” explained Pittsburg Post Master, Robert Vacca.

“It’s really a unique tribute to a beneficial part of the community, something that’s had a dramatic impact going way back, when you talk about military working dogs, back into World War I, and there’s some great stories out there and hopefully it’ll encourage people to pick up on some of those stories and read about them,” said Ted Donaldson.

The Forever stamp should be available now at post offices across the U.S.


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