Columbus native test builds first microMansion home kit in SEK

COLUMBUS, Kan. – A southeast Kansas native continues realizing her dream, testing and installing her first microMansion home kit in Columbus.

Abby Nelson, the founder and designer of microMansions, is a Columbus, Kansas native. She graduated from the Interior Design and Construction program at Pittsburg State University.

According to her website, she started the tiny home adventure by designing and building a tiny home on a trailer. This allowed her to have a home and park wherever life took her. At the time, she traveled a lot for her job and was tired of renting.

The tiny home on a trailer morphed into slab homes designs and interest in her work expanded designs into reality.

Now, she continues realizing her dream, taking another step forward with home kits. Abby and her team are installing the first microMansion home kit in Columbus. This is a test installation, taking notes of things like how long it takes to build the home kit. After its complete, she plans to use it as another Airbnb.

“The journey has been long and I’ll write a book about it someday. Today, I have seven home designs, I now have a team, and we are prototyping these homes as kits. My dreams are big and I want home buying to be simple. I want construction to feel like putting together a piece of furniture, and I want financing to be more available for non-traditional homes. I want homeowner’s to have a home they are proud of, and the focus to be on people within the home and the experiences they create inside.” –

According to HomeAdvisor, “In 2022, the average cost to build a home in the U.S. is $280,285, with a typical range of $112,044 and $448,947.”

The cost of Nelson’s microMansions varies, but her goal is to have a new construction home kit for around $100,000.

KOAM’s Janna Hautala spoke with her today about the project. Stay with KOAM News to hear more from Abby.

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