College student Democrats, Republicans, weigh in on current state of the election

JOPLIN, Mo., PITTSBURG, Kan. – With all the anticipation for determining a winner in the presidential election some local college students are getting some first-hand experience in the election process.

This election has been certainly one of the most interesting of our time. Marlon Merida is with the Pittsburg State University College Republicans and shared his thoughts on what should be done. “If Biden wins I think the GOP is going to be, it’s not going to be very relaxed, I believe Trump is going to fight, fight in the courts to get this election straightened out because, there’s fraud coming out, and I believe if our democracy is going to stay as it is, it should be legal.”

Jared Carper is with the Missouri Southern State University Democrats and he agrees, to a point, with Merida. “To have a valid President we need to validate all the results and make sure that we are counting every single ballot and that the ballots are counted accurately, so we’re going to, I’m expecting that there will definitely be recounts, especially in the tight races like in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and that way we can be sure that we have the President that has been elected by the people.”

However, he’s concerned about how divisive this election has made the American people. “The extremism is not what this country wants right now, we are the United States of America, not the divided states of America, as James Madison said ‘ambition must be made to counteract ambition’, if one party pushes too far in one direction I believe the other party is going to just push that much harder back.”

But Merida says it’s not that divided, and Republicans will respect whatever the outcome is. “If it is the will of the American people to actually choose Biden, then that’s going to be, you know, it’s going to be like that, I believe Republicans are going to respect the office of the oval if the ballots are legal, if every vote is legal, and not just dead voters and not just fraud, if it’s all legal, we’ll obviously respect the position that Biden holds as President.”

Both students say, politics aside, it’s made for a great lesson in class on how democracy works and with such tight races, they say it’s a sign that every vote really does count.