Colgan claims CNC championship; Brown drops 30 in win over Frontenac

Lily Brown scores 30 in Colgan's win over Frontenac Friday night.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – (WATCH) Colgan tops Frontenac 52-41 Friday night to claim the CNC league championship.

“We set five goals going into the season and we’ve achieved three of them. We have two left, but this was one of our big ones and we wanted to win it outright,” says Colgan head coach Abby Farabi of claiming the league title, “I’m really proud of how the kids showed up tonight. Nothing is too big for them. Frontenac starting making a run and they just kept their composure and kept attacking. How they play together and how unselfish they are, that’s pretty tough to beat. When you got a team that’s all in, you can’t really beat that.”

Lauren Torrance scored 15 points for the Panthers, while sophomore Lily Brown had a monster night with 30 points.

“I didn’t realize she had 30 until my sister told me,” Farabi says with a laugh, “She was just cleaning up. She’s tough to guard. She’s shifty and she can jump. I thought she played great defense as well. I think she’s starting to figure it out a little bit, and the girls did a great job getting her the basketball.”