Coffeyville Regional Medical Center and Mercy Independence merging

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center and Mercy Independence merging

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center and Mercy Independence will be combining into one newly named medical entity. The news follows Sisters of Mercy, Mercy hospital’s parent company, announcing that it will divest itself of its properties in one southeast Kansas hospital.

Rural hospitals are struggling to remain financially viable in today’s health care environment and Mercy in Independence is no exception. The hospital began looking for a solution to its problems last spring and that solution was merging with Coffeyville Regional. Officials say it will help the hospital financially but also help its patients.

“They’re having a harder time in Independence when you look at some of the service line decreases that they’ve seen and some of the reimbursement issues that they’re facing. We think that in the next 2 to 3 or 3 to 5 years we’re going to face the same things here in town. So we think together we’re going to be able to have a much stronger voice as we want to make sure that we’re preserving rural health care in southeast Kansas,” says Mark Woodring, CEO of Coffeyville Regional Medical Center.

Both campuses will remain open, allowing services to continue and the merger isn’t expected to affect any current patients.

“We’ll also have a tighter control over the quality of procedures. For example being able to monitor how many are done, any type of complications if there were any, and just some great follow up on that,” says Sarah Hoy a CRMC nurse.

And, employees don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. Coffeyville should be assuming all of Mercy’s employees.

“As far as the work that they do, there’s not going to be change as far as the daily routine, our policies and procedures will all stay the same,” continues Hoy.

As healthcare moves into the future, officials say they’ll adapt to deliver the best care.

“Regardless of the merger we’re still going to be thinking outside the walls, outside the bed if you will, on how we’re going to reshape how healthcare is delivered in this country,” continues Woodring.

The overall goal of the merger is to provide better healthcare to all of Montgomery County.