Coffeyville Police warn businesses of counterfeit bills

Coffeyville Police warn businesses of counterfeit bills
Coffeyville, Kansas Police Department
Coffeyville Police release an image of a counterfeit bill

Authorities in Coffeyville, Kansas say they’ve taken 28 reports so far in 2019 of counterfeit money. The Police Department posted a warning on social media.

“Attention local businesses:

There have been quite a few counterfeit bills being passed in Coffeyville recently. We’ve take 28 reports this year of counterfeit money, and a good percentage of those cases pulled have been in the last two weeks. These bills appear to be “washed” money meaning the ink is removed off of a $1.00 bill and then reprinted to be a $20.00 or a $50.00. We’ve been getting all different dollar amounts $10 and up so be on the lookout for them.

They are somewhat easy to spot because they are an odd shade of green because of the acid used to remove the old ink. These are much better quality counterfeits than we’ve seen in years past. Attached is one of the bills taken from a local business tonight. If you suspect the bill may be a fake, hold it up to the light. All newer bills $5+ should have the face image on the right side of the bill and may also have a security strip on the left side.”


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