Coaches use social media to keep athletes engaged

Local coaches find solution to help students stay active


Coaches in the area have taken to social media, posting workouts for their student athletes to do at home.

“You know the main thing is we want to keep them connected because the reason we do this is for the connections as coaches and to have a positive impact,” says Joplin High School head football coach Curtis Jasper.

“All the coaches care and all the kids care.  I mean, they want to get better and during this time it’s hard to get better, but they just find ways,” adds Joplin junior Scott Lowe.

Students across the nation have been removed from their regular routines and these coaches know that can be stressful.

“Let our kids know, hey we’re here for them.  We’re still thinking about you.  You know here’s some stuff you can do to stay active,” says Labette County High School Athletic Director Sean Price.

“We do it because we love the kids and that’s really come about now especially when we can’t be with our kids.  And you don’t really anticipate that until, you know, something like this has happened,” adds Webb City strength and conditioning coach Corey Roy.

The goal through these individual workouts is keeping these kids engaged.

“You know with something like this the worst thing you can do is sit at home and do nothing and stress about things,” says Price.

“We’re trying to provide a little guidance and give the some things to keep working on and hopefully improve a little bit.  More than anything just to stay healthy,” adds Roy.

Even from rival schools coaches are in this together, driving their students to be better during this time.

“It’s all a community of coaches that care about their kids and want the best for all of our student-athletes,” adds Jasper.

Here are the links to follow Coach Jasper, Coach Roy and Coach Price for daily workouts: