CNC rivals team up for Midwest Mustangs

Rivals from Galena, Girard, Columbus and Frontenac are teammates for the summer.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – They want to beat each other almost year-round.

“It gets pretty intense,” says Columbus senior Landin Midgett, “We play them in all sports, not just baseball. We play them in football, too. That gets pretty intense. It gets pretty intense in basketball as well. Football it gets really competitive, because that’s how football is. Baseball…you can’t really do a lot to them in baseball, physically. You can talk a little bit, but that’s about it.”

“When I was first entering high school, I was like how big are these rivalries?” says Frontenac senior Logan Myers, “Now that I’ve gone along and played these guys and I play with them in the summer, I really want to go beat these guys. There’s nothing better than beating them sometimes.”

But this summer – some of the best from CNC rivals Girard, Galena, Frontenac and Columbus – have teamed up to play for the Midwest Mustangs.

“It’s definitely a switch,” says Girard senior Alex Coester, “You go from in the season in high school ball wanting to beat them and wanting to be on top of the CNC, to coming here in the summer and you have to come together and try to be a better version of all of that combined. It’s definitely different, but it’s a lot of fun.”

The baseball rivalry is especially intense between Frontenac and Columbus.

The Raiders beat the Titans in the regional championship last year to go to state – before Columbus returned the favor in May to punch their ticket to Manhattan for the first time.

“In the back of my head I was like it’s cool for those four that I play with,” Myers says of getting knocked out in the regional championship by Columbus, “It’s cool for them to get to go, but at the same time, I really wanted to go again. It sucked being on the field watching them celebrate. They’re still my buddies and it’s not going to put anything between us. We’ll have to go get them next year, though.”

The players will go back to their respective schools and back to being rivals in a few weeks.

Until then..

“We just want to make each other better and make each other strive for what we know we can become,” Coester says, “We have a lot of potential, and we see it in each other.”

“They compete, and they compete hard,” says Mustangs head coach and Pitt State Hall-of-Famer Tom Myers, “At the end of the day, they want everybody to be better and southeast Kansas to be recognized. I think they’re putting this age group and this senior class of 2023’s on the map.”

The Mustangs are back in action this weekend in Kansas City, before wrapping up their summer schedule the following weekend at Central Missouri.

Below is the Mustangs’ full roster.

INF/RHP Alex Coester (Girard)

C/OF Cade Beshore (Nevada)

UTL/RHP Eli Cheaney (Nevada)

UTL/RHP Mario Menghini (Frontenac)

OF/RHP Seth Stover (Columbus)

INF/RHP Logan Myers (Frontenac)

RHP Jake Scibor (Columbus)

UTL/RHP Kolt Ungeheuer (Columbus)

OF/RHP Wyatt Foley (Girard)

C/INF Landin Midgett (Columbus)

UTL/RHP Kam Koester (Chanute)

LHP Collin McCartney (Frontenac)

UTL/RHP Brett Sarwinski (Galena)

RHP Hadley Price (Galena)