Clown craze causing concerns

Clown craze causing concerns

With the creepy clown sighting craze sweeping the nation, the four states is no exception. Sightings have supposedly taken place in Pittsburg, Chanute, Parsons, Miami and Joplin, causing local law enforcement to respond to the threats via social media.

In Joplin, many sightings have been called in but Joplin Police have yet to see an actual clown.

“What we need to do is just keep this in perspective, that it is the thrill of the moment. There are real and legitimate dangers out there, we are coming on to Halloween season, so we need to be cautious with our children, we need to educate them to stay close nearby and to understand the dangers that strangers pose,” Capt. Bob Higginbotham with Joplin Police said.

Sightings usually take place in the street, including a video out of Parsons depicting a clown charging at a car. Parsons Police determined the video to be a hoax in an attempt to go viral and are investigating criminal charges such as trespass or impeding traffic.

In Joplin, Facebook users have reported seeing clowns in full costume on Main Street but no pictures have been taken.

“So I think you want to take into context, where are you? Are you in a safe place? A public, well-lit place, or have you found yourself alone in maybe an unoccupied park or something along those lines. So just keep this matter in perspective, just like everything else, be aware of your surroundings,” Higginbotham said.

An online threat alleging to terrorize Joplin High School students and staff was of no substance.

“We always take threats to children obviously very seriously and we take precautions. But again, this seems to be a fad or a phase going across the country. We just need to keep it in perspective and balance our response to these things,” Higginbotham said.

If you see a clown and feel that you are in danger, call police.


Parsons Police Investigate Report of Clown

Parsons, KS – There have been reported calls about a “crazy looking clown” in Parsons over the weekend and there are a lot of people on social media talking about it.

The Parsons Police Dept. conducted a thorough investigation and revealed this incident to be a hoax , and are evaluating criminal charges. For the general community, keep in mind there could be criminal charges for these types of actions based on the totality of the circumstances.

The police department would ask the community to be watchful, and safely conduct their day-to-day business as normal.

This continues to be an active and ongoing investigation, as the Police Department follows up on leads that have developed. If anyone has any information pertaining to the crime please contact the police department at 620-421-7060 or email your tips to our tip line or call the tip line at 620-421-7057.