Classic summer week ahead of us

Hot & humid with some rain chances to watch

With an upper level ridge wanting to maintain control of our weather for much of this week, we’re set for a hot and humid week across the area. A weak wave wants to sneak in for Monday with mostly cloudy skies and some scattered t-storms. That may keep us in the upper 80s for Monday, but 90s are in the works for Tuesday through Friday. In fact, the mostly sunny skies on Wednesday will send us into the middle 90s for afternoon highs. With high humidity also planned for Wednesday, it’s not out of the question we could have Heat Advisories go out with it potentially feeling like it’ll be between 100 & 105 for Wednesday afternoon. Even though we’re hot and humid for Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll keep just a slight chance for a t-storm or two. For the 4th of July Weekend on the way, we’ll watch for a system to sneak in over the ridge. That may bring us back into the upper 80s, but it’ll also want to keep some rain chances in the forecast.