CJ Huff’s Hiring by Bright Futures USA Has Webb City Affiliate Concerned

CJ Huff’s Hiring by Bright Futures USA Has Webb City Affiliate Concerned

CJ Huff begins his work with Bright Futures USA but one affiliate has concerns about the hiring.

That hiring led the Webb City schools superintendent to resign from the Bright Futures USA board and raised concerns of the Webb City bright futures organization.

Webb city’s bright futures helps kids if they need paper pencils and even food. But now its advisory board has questions about the parent organization.

Executive Director Jesse De Gonia at Webb City bright futures says, “I think some of our board members are concerned that bright futures USA is spending a lot of money on positions.”

CJ Huff is now working as a paid consultant for bright futures USA to grow the organization.

Huff says, “I’ll also be doing some grant writing myself as well as seeking out corporate sponsorships for the work we have going on.”

Webb city superintendent Tony Rossetti was the lone dissenting vote to hire huff. He resigned from the bright futures USA board to focus more on his own district. Asked if he was concerned about the spending on a consultant he said, “It would be, I think, in poor taste for me to comment on recent board decision.”

Bright futures USA treasurer Mark Quinn says charities commonly pay for marketing and development.

Quinn says, “This is about money. We can’t survive. This organization is not gonna grow if we don’t have the funds to do so.” And he emphasized,

“What a shame those people of Webb city who have spent so much time building bright futures organization up and its going to be hijacked by somebody who doesn’t understand that that’s the kind of thing you have to do to grow an organization.”

De Gonia says donations come in daily to the Webb city bright futures location in Webb city and while and he credits bright futures with more name recognition, he says the community support has always existed in the town.

De Gonia says before bright futures, “We were helping kids get shoes, we had a back pack program at one of our elementaries.

I feel that any community could do that if they bring their community around them. They don’t necessarily need name bright futures attached to that.”

Huff agrees it’s not rocket science but says bright futures USA creates partnerships in communities and he can facilitate that.

Huff says, “I know the organization inside and out. I have great relationships inside Missouri and well as outside Missouri. I have what they need in order to accomplish a lot of their organizational goals.

He’ll have 6 months to try. That’s how long his current contract his but it can be extended.

Tracey Skaggs with Carl Junction bright futures says if a local affiliate had hired someone it might be a misuse of funds donated for and needed by kids. But she believes bright futures USA has a different mission.

Huff says the US Department of Education is another client.

He’ll work as a trainer for schools dealing with disasters.