Civil War Era Historical Days

A Civil War Era Canon

GROVE, Okla. – Folks visiting Har-Ber Village on the Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees got the opportunity to travel back in time over the weekend.

That’s because the popular pioneer museum was hosting their Civil War Era Historical Days event.

The total immersive event gave visitors a taste of anything and everything related to life during the Civil War.

Besides canon demonstrations and mock battles, visitors also got to check out a Civil War era camp to see what life was like off the battlefield and even experience the kind of food folks ate back then.

One of the reenactors explained to KOAM why this hobby is so important to him.

“Well, if you don’t expose yourself to history it’s lost, and if we lose our history we lose our identity as a people. And so we’re here to help insure that history and those stories, those people, their lives, and their sacrifices are not lost to the pages of history and forgotten,” said Civil War Reenactor Brad Minson.

The educational event was a big hit with homeschool families, area history buffs, and just about anyone in the mood to learn about a chaotic time in our country’s past.