City of Purcell, MO under audit by the state

PURCELL, Mo. – The City of Purcell, Missouri has money problems. Because of that, important projects have gone undone and some former city workers are without a job. Also, the mayor pro tempore says a previous council member may have tampered with important information at town hall.

The State of Missouri is auditing the city because of all of the issues. The issues were brought up in a council meeting Thursday night. Some residents say they don’t feel things are moving in the right direction.

“Until we have a board that says this is what were doing, this is our agenda and lays it out right now, there is no physical evidence that proves we’re moving forward,” said Kelsey Freeland who lives in Purcell. “There is no momentum. It’s more of ‘well I said I’m doing it, and that’s all you need to know at the moment.'”

Missouri American Water was at the meeting, requesting a ballot measure so residents can vote for MAW to make the repairs. The city Thursday night voted to draft an ordinance in concerning that request. That ordinance will be discussed at the next meeting.