City of Pittsburg holds Imagine Pittsburg 2030 meeting

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The City of Pittsburg holding meetings for Imagine Pittsburg 2030 tonight. On the agenda, housing and education. The initiative started back in 2010. We went to find out how things are going and what’s next for the city.

The Imagine Pittsburg 2030 meetings are held every other month to keep the community up to speed on the progress the city is making to becoming a bigger, better city.

We spoke with Mayor Dawn McNay on how she feels about progress over the last ten years. “I think we’re creating a community where we now have the education system, the amenities, where we can compete with communities, maybe like Kansas City, because we have all the big town amenities but we still have that small town feel.”

Mayor McNay says these meetings are important, but what’s more important, is connecting with the community. “I think we always have the opportunity to communicate more with our community, as I look at the individuals that are here, a lot of them are the ones that are always able to come to our meetings, but we need to be creative and find ways to take this out into our community so that those individuals that maybe have transportation barriers can’t come to these meetings, so I think that’s something we need to improve on.”

Another issue they’re focusing on is bringing long-term business and industry to town. “We can’t have something or business come and have a lot of employees and then leave because we didn’t create a sustainable environment, I think from here to 2030 we certainly want to grow and improve but sustainability is really important.”

And she says they’re already looking at things to work on in the next ten years. “Access to transportation in our community is a barrier, we certainly want to continue walking and biking trails, we hear that, mental health, helping our homeless population, those are things have already come out of these meetings but I’m sure we’ll have a lot more.”

Mayor McNay says she feels some changes made in 2017 helped spur a lot of the recent growth and she’s hopeful to see it continue.