City of Miami tells residents to expect higher energy bills

Due to last month's extreme cold

MIAMI, Okla. – The City of Miami, Oklahoma is reminding its electricity customers that bills will likely be higher. They say it’s because of using more electricity during cold temperatures. The city says the price per kilowatt hour has not changed.

The City of Miami says it has many solutions in place to support customers with utility bills. Customers can contact the customer service department at 918-542-6685 to discuss the Average Monthly Plan (AMP) or they can discuss a contracted plan with the City to pay out over the course of a specific number of months.

The Miami Public Utility purchases its power from the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA). Like most energy producers in the region, GRDA was subject to massive increases in the cost of
natural gas it purchases due to demand and supply issues. However, officials say it is too soon to know the impact this will have on future bills.

In a statement provided to customers late Friday afternoon, GRDA believes “it would be imprudent for us to make estimates about GRDA’s net financial impact from the event”. The next GRDA board meeting is scheduled for March 10th, but they have stated it is looking more likely that it will be necessary to schedule a special board meeting to take any action on the response to the storm’s financial impact. GRDA maintains they have built a robust rate stabilization account and are in a solid cash position.