City of Joplin working with landlords to assist with utility billing notification


City working with landlords to assist with utility billing notification

To help property owners of rental property, the City of Joplin’s Utility Billing division has created a registration form that will allow them to be notified of tenants’ delinquencies in payment of their monthly wastewater and trash billing. The City is offering this to landlords on a voluntary basis. By completing the form and agreement with their tenants, landlords/property owners will receive third-party duplicate copies of delinquent and termination notices sent to tenants. Tenants also have to authorize this form with their signature and date.

The City of Joplin abides by Missouri State Statute Section 250, 140 (Sewerage Systems & Waterworks-City or District) when a tenant is delinquent more than 90 days the landlord / property owner shall be liable for services provided up to 90 days.

“We realize that there are times when the landlord may not have been aware of billing delinquencies for rental property,” said the City’s Assistant Finance Director, A.J. Whistler. “City staff met with several property owners regarding this issue, and it was determined that a registration process would help alleviate confusions regarding past due amounts. Currently this registration process is voluntary; although we believe it will be beneficial and hope to see many participate in the process.”

The form is available on the City’s website or through the Finance Department on the third floor of City Hall, 602 South Main. To request a form to be mailed to them, landlords can email or call 417-627-2955.

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