City of Frontenac puts open records request on hold

The city of Frontenac, Kansas responds to a Freedom of Information Act request from KOAM, putting the request on hold.

On Monday the 16th, the Frontenac City Council voted to fire the city clerk, the city manager, and the city attorney.

The council then voted to reinstate a city clerk who had previously been fired, Jayme Mjelde.

She is now the interim city clerk.

The string of firings and the rehire led to the city mayor’s, Linda Grilz, resignation.

Grilz is concerned the council violated the state’s sunshine law by discussing the firings outside of city council meetings.

So, KOAM News sent a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request to the city asking for documents related to those firings.

Today, we received a response to that FOIA. The city said it would need more time to fill the request because the city attorney reviews such requests.

The city attorney was fired.

The city says once a new attorney is hired, that person will review the request.


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