City of Fort Scott starting infrastructure improvement project

Hope to save two million over 20 years
City of Fort Scott starting infrastructure improvement project
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Crews at the Fort Scott water plant have been working with a lot of the same equipment for decades… and much of it is starting to break down.

Issues like heaters breaking, lights not working, and buildings letting out heat are all issues city officials hope to fix.

“Everything that’s been approved so far is what I call no brainers,” says Public Utilities Director Michael Mix.

Starting toward the beginning of next year, the city will start replacing inside and outside lights with LED’s at 16 city facilities, and replacing heating and air systems in five city buildings.

They will also improve the insulation in 15 city facilities, and install automated thermostats in 14 facilities.

Those facilities include places like the airport, the aquatic center, city hall, the golf course, and the water plants.

It’s all part of a capital recovery and reinvestment program with Schneider Electric.

“A lot of this equipment is at the end of its life anyway, or past that, like the heater downstairs,” says Mix. “And we’re going to have to spend money on these items anyway, but this enables us to spend that money in a smart way.”

The city anticipates saving 52-thousand dollars a year in energy costs, with a total savings of more than two-million over 20 years.

“Depending on the savings that we have for that year, it should pay for the energy, the lease purchase program that we are going to be doing,” says Finance Director Susan Bancroft. “If for some reason we don’t have the savings that they said we would have, then they will foot the bill for us.”

Mix says they are currently talking about creating a second phase to the project, so they can do more extensive improvements at the water treatment plant.

You can find a full list of work to be done during the project, as well as the cost of each project, below.

Note: The window replacement project at Memorial Hall will not be happening, at least not during the first phase of the project.


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