City Employees and Residents Prepare For Winter Weather In Miami

As storm systems are settling in, towns and residents across the Four States are starting to prepare for the possibility of ice, sleet and snow. According to the Emergency Manager in Miami, the city has been preparing for possible snow all week. And that they’ve had conference calls with the national weather service and already have a game plan in place.

With a winter storm warning for much of Northeast Oklahoma from 6AM Thursday through 6PM Friday, Miami’s Public Works Department has been spending the week breaking up sand and salt and making sure all equipment is cleaned and ready to go.

“You never know, we’re in Oklahoma, the weather can change at anytime,” said Miami’s Director of Communication Amanda Davis.

The city says it has over 250 tons of salt and sand ready for this winter. And that at least four employees will be working 12 hour shifts to keep streets safe while snow is still on the ground.

“The crews will never stop. They will work around the clock,” Davis said.

Even cross training other city employees just in case.

“There may be water department people on the street department this week, and vice versa, just to make sure at no time any department is under staffed.”

And the city employees of Miami aren’t the only ones preparing, Miami’s Ace Hardware store says it’s been very busy with folks coming in and picking up cold weather essentials.

“we go out and buy deicer for the door locks to make sure they aren’t froze up to get into the car. And it also works on windshields,” said resident Wanda Andres.

“Basically just get ice melt, and my wife goes out and gets extra food; bread milk stuff like that,” said resident Henry Burrow.

“Make sure there is calking around the windows, and make sure everybody’s got scarves and hats,” said resident Tim Miner.

The city of Miami also has a new emergency alert notification system through it’s website — and will give updates from the national weather service as they get them.

For a link to Miami’s website, click here.

For a link to KOAM’s alert system, click here to find out about closings and cancellations across the Four States.