Citizens can slowly resume usual household activities & chores involving wastewater

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Following a period of 36 hours of limited household chores and activities, Public Works Director Nick Heatherly said citizens can now slowly resume their normal household routine that empties water into the wastewater system.

“Do what you have to do, but please try to limit it to necessity until we are able to completely repair the lift station,” he said. “Our system is still not at full capacity until we can completely evaluate the lift station equipment and make the needed repairs.”

Crews with City of Joplin Public Works Department have worked since Sunday to make repairs to the failed lift station that followed the nine and a half inches of rain that left this area flooded.

“The current water level is still preventing a thorough review of the damage,” said Heatherly. “Citizens can do what they need to do, but we are asking them to minimize their activities if not necessary. We need to move slowly in getting this station back on line.”

Late Sunday evening, the City had requested that households in a southwest area* near the Fillmore Bridge lift station to please limit the use of utilities that causes water to go down drains or toilets, such as washing dishes or laundry, showering or bathing and bathroom use. The lift station is near South Schifferdecker Avenue and Apricot Drive. This station moves wastewater from approximately 1,500 to 2,000 households in the area to the Shoal Creek Plant for treatment.

The City appreciates the cooperation of our residents as we continue to address this issue.