Cichon reflects on 39 years at Colgan after decision to step down

Wayne Cichon won five state basketball championships as Colgan's head coach.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – St. Mary’s Colgan’s Wayne Cichon announced his decision to step down from his coaching positions with the school on Thursday.

Cichon has spent the last 39 years as the head coach of the Colgan boys basketball program. In those 39 years his teams won 655 games, 26 sub-state titles and 5 state championships.

“39 years went by really fast, especially the last 20 when we were having a lot of success,” Cichon says, “Throughout the season this year the night activities, the games and the late practices were really starting to wear on me. The late nights and not being able to have energy like I usually have…I felt like it was the right time.”

You can check out our full interview with Cichon below, on the decision to step down, his favorite memories, what he’ll do with his free time now and more.