Christmas packages stolen in Neosho

Christmas packages stolen in Neosho

This Christmas season wasn’t full of joy for 1 Neosho family. They say gifts that were sent from California were stolen after being delivered to the wrong address.

This Christmas, there were fewer presents under a family’s tree even though some were sent by an uncle in California to Noah and Randi Lawson.

“Explaining to a 6 year old of have they found our package yet? Mommy have they found our package yet? We know where the package is,” says Psalms Lawson.

The packages were taken after being delivered to the wrong address.

“A thief is a thief and in the end they stole from my children and it’s kind of a hard thing to forgive and the person that stole this should be responsible for stealing and its mail fraud,” she adds.

The Lawsons moved in July and although the rest of their mail has been forwarded, the post office mistakenly brought the boxes to their old home.

“They originally left it on the porch but the mail person stated that before they got back in their vehicle, they did see somebody inside the house grab the package and take it inside,” says Sergeant Mike Whitehead with the Neosho Police Department.

The packages had $300 worth of presents in it for the Lawson family. The post office says it was an accident and apologized, but the family still wants their gifts.

“I would want the package and the items returned, the stuff for my children presents that my brother has worked hard, his hard earned money and bought presents and thought of us and sent them to us,” says Lawson.

Police say they have not yet been able to speak to all of the residents. While the Lawson’s gifts came to the wrong address, police warn against such deliveries

“This time of year it’s not a very good idea to have a package left on your porch. Either have a neighbor pick it up for you or make it to where it’s a sign only where you actually have to sign a receipt that you received your package. Or just pick it up at the post office yourself just to save yourself the trouble,” says Whitehead.

Police and the postal service are investigating. The Lawson’s just hope it doesn’t happen to others.

“It’s a horrible thing to steal from children, bottom line,” says Lawson.

It’s not clear if the gifts had a forwarding label on them. A substitute mail carrier was on duty the day the gifts were delivered.