Christmas Eve Kitchen Party

Christmas Eve Kitchen Party

Five hundred or so Joplinites who could use a hot meal on the holidays will enjoy a Christmas feast, and many of them are familiar with Charlie Brown, the Salvation Army Volunteer who’s been helping prepare it for the last 8 years.

“I get to come out here and after we’re done serving, I join the crowd and I sit out here and I have my meal with them. And I talk with people, and I let them know we’re not any better than they are. We could definitely be in their situation in a split second,” said Charlie.

Charlie had been volunteering with the Salvation Army with his father, but after the passing of his parents his relationship with the charity evolved.

“After the loss of my mom, I just started coming down here every year because I was alone out here, so I kind of just made the Salvation Army my holiday family,” said Charlie.

And Charlie’s hard work and tasty meals certainly haven’t gone unnoticed by his holiday family.

“He’s an amazing volunteer. He gives me helpful hints. He calls people for donations. He does whatever he can do to help us because he feels that the organization is worthy of the people that we serve,” said Joplin Salvation Army officer Becky Stearns.

Charlie volunteers on more than just the holidays however, and hopes you can find the time to do the same.

“I think deep down everyone wants to get out there and make a difference somehow. It doesn’t matter what scale it is. It could be large or small. Just get out there and find something that your passionate about,” said Charlie.