Chiefs season ticket holders experiencing the home opener in different ways

The Kansas City Chiefs allowed only 16,000 fans into the stadium for the home opener.
Season Ticket Member

KOAM NEWS – Troy and Lorie Comeau have been Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holders since 2010.

“They are just exciting, I have always grown up loving them as a little girl whether they won or loss, I always loved them” said Lorie.

Since becoming ticket holders, they have only missed one game, and the 2020 home opener against the Houston Texans wasn’t going to be another one.

“Of course we’ve been stuck at home all summer so this will be nice. It’s an outdoor activity where safety protocols are in place so we feel pretty good about going and ready to root on the chiefs” said Troy.

Their experience however will be different with safety precautions in place.

“We went to training camp a couple weeks ago season ticket holders were invited in there and we saw a lot of the safety protocols they were doing and with masks everyone’s got to be masked up and social distancing, they’ve distanced everyone pretty well so we feel pretty safe going tonight” added Troy.

And while some season ticket holders will get to experience the home opener at the stadium itself many will be enjoying from the comfort of their own home.

“Not tonight, we’re not going to any games this year” said Tom Burrows.

Burrows has been a season ticket holder for 27 years, but because of pricing and his seats being closed off for social distancing, he’ll be cheering on the chiefs through the TV.

“It kind of sucks but it’ll be alright, I mean we’ve been there 27 in a row, we’d love to be there today especially after they won the championship.”

Though it’s not what he used to, he’s excited for the season and looking forward to being in the stadium next year.

“It’s going to be different, because we’re used to, I mean we don’t miss hardly any games at all so it’s going to be different having to watch on TV.”

The Kansas City Chiefs allowed only 16,000 fans into the stadium for the home opener.