Chiefs merchandise big hit ahead of game day

JOPLIN, Mo. – Chiefs fans have been hoping for another big win at the Super Bowl and now they’ve got their chance. It’s a big deal for locals like Wes Hardin.

“Oh man, we were super excited watching the game. Of course, I’ve been to the AFC Championship the last two years. Didn’t get to go this year for obvious reasons, but super excited to head back to the Super Bowl and excited to see them beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Hardin shared.

Hardin is training his little boy to grow up to be a proper Chiefs fan, and Academy is doing its part to get everyone geared up for game day.

“Right now we have a lot of championship shirts and then some other Nike shirts as well for the AFC Championship. Expecting to get the on field hats and other things like that for the championship, so a lot of stuff still scheduled to come in,” explained Sean Grubb, Hardlines Manager for Academy in Joplin.

Academy staff had Chiefs merchandise ready to go as soon as their Super Bowl status became official. Its been busy ever since.

“Good turnout even considering the pandemic and everything, still having a great turnout. Customers are just excited about it.”

As for Hardin, excited is an understatement. Win or lose, he says he’ll stay a loyal fan and he’ll be dressed in red and gold from head to toe on game day.

“Go Chiefs!”

The Chiefs will kick off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Feb. 7 on CBS. Academy says they expect to see plenty of Chiefs merchandise flying off their racks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.