Chiefs Kingdom shows its D.I.Y. side

Webb City resident Brooke Henderson has brought her skills to the football team's fan base.

Believe it or not, not everyone loves watching football on Sundays.

It doesn’t mean they hate it, it may just mean they cheer on their team in a different way.

Webb City resident Brooke Henderson is a perfect example. Even as the mother *and* daughter of devoted chiefs fans, she’ll admit football’s just never really been her thing.

So recently, she’s been getting her head in the game by using her artistic side — something that’s been there for a long time.

“Um,” she ponders. “Probably since the womb.”

Okay, so a very long time.

“I’ve always tried really hard to be into crafts.”

That’s always been part of who Brooke Henderson is, and it’s often injected with her sense of humor. For example, when the pandemic began and so many of us began wearing masks, she made this mask holder.

Brooke’s parents are huge Kansas City Chiefs fans. So ahead of the AFC championship game, she surprised them with a Chiefs themed casserole dish – 100% Mahomemade.

“It’s just kinda quirky and something you don’t see every day. My mom immediately was like, ‘That’s incredible. You have to sell that.'”

Brooke had already practiced a bunch using her own cookware. So shortly after Mahomes and the Chiefs punched their ticket to Tampa, she listed her dishes on Facebook Marketplace, asked her boyfriend to share it, and went to bed.

“That was a mistake because I woke up with so many messages asking me if I could do it. He was at work and I was shelling them out like as I was making them.”

And Brooke is still trying to meet the demand — running back and forth to the store faster than Tyreek Hill to make sure she has the supply to keep up — to the point where she’s not even sure if the store does.

“I go on lunch break to pickup a casserole dish, and the shelf was empty and I’m like, ‘This was me. I did this.'”

If you’ve seen Brooke in line recently, know the cashier was probably thinking the same thing.

“The cashier is normally me since I do self-checkout, and every time I’m like, ‘God that’s a lot of casserole dishes.'”

At the same time, it’s the supportive nature of Chiefs Kingdom that keeps her going.

“I think a lot of it is people telling me how much they like it, and then I’m like, ‘Ugh I can’t stop now!'”

While she still doesn’t love football, she’s willing to admit that she and the Chiefs do share a few lifelong fans.

“You know, it took me a while but I finally listened to my mom after all these years.”

Teeing up a much anticipated season finale on Super Bowl Sunday.

“As for actual plans, I can’t say I do have any plans… probably eat a casserole.”

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