Chiefs fan wins Mahomes tattoo giveaway in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. -Patrick Mahomes left a lasting impression on the game, and on Alisha Blunk’s leg.

“I chose this location because I feel for a portrait it’ll be able to be seen a lot and it’s a good open space. It’s one of the areas I don’t already have a tattoo at,” said Blunk.

Blunk is a committed fan to say the least.

“We’re huge Chiefs fans in our house. My husband is a lifelong fan. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember as well. We watch football every weekend Saturdays and Sundays. We don’t do anything during football season except watch football.”

Knowing that we’re in Chiefs country, Brickhaus Tattoo in Joplin decided to kick things off with a portrait giveaway on Facebook, and it boomed.

“It reached a little bit more than I thought it was going to reach. We were expecting somewhere around like 30,000 views, I think we hit around like 70,000 maybe,” said Brian French, owner and artist at Brickhaus Tattoo.

And that winner, well, she’s sitting in French’s chair.

“I laughed actually whenever I saw that I won,” said Blunk.

But Blunk says the true champs are the Chiefs and seeing them take home the AFC title was nothing short of amazing.

“I cried. It was a moment, I cried tears of joy because it’s been so long.”

Now, no matter what, win or lose, Blunk is leaving it all out on the field, rooting for her favorite team, and her favorite player.

“I just hope Pat doesn’t leave the Chiefs now,” laughed Blunk.

Blunk spent eight hours on Sunday, Jan. 26, getting the face behind jersey #15 added to her leg.