Chiefs championship brings championship gear to Pittsburg

Chiefs gear being unboxed

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Chiefs victory also has new apparel to go with it. We stopped at Jock’s Nitch in Pittsburg where some of it, just arrived.

At first, this was the only Chiefs gear Jock’s Nitch in Pittsburg had to offer. Not that it’s bad gear, but, it’s not championship gear. But that’s okay, because Jock’s Nitch V.P. John Minton says, they were ready for the win this weekend. “Very exciting time for us, a lot of work goes into this we had to place these orders two to three weeks ago, there’s a lot of logistics involved in getting our trucks up this distribution point in Kansas City.”

Jock’s Nitch made the special trip to pick up the gear, so customers like Patti Shockley could pick it up. Patti is just a hair over 30 years old, but she still remembers another special time…”I remember when we went to the Super Bowl in 1969 because that’s the year I graduated from high school.”

As the workers unboxed and hung the Chiefs merchandise, Patti waited eagerly to pick up some special gear and cheer her Chiefs on. Patti says “It’s wonderful to see them go, and I’m very proud of them and I think we’ve got a wonderful team, they work together, they believe in each other and I think they’re going to make it.”

Tim Vesco also made a trip from Frontenac. And while he says ‘regular’ Chiefs gear cuts it anytime of the year, this time, it’s different. “Definitely wanted to get the conference championship gear and hopefully we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with some Super Bowl championship gear.”

The Chiefs have had some difficult years, and with the Super Bowl in their sights, there’s some jumping ship and joining the Chiefs ‘bandwagon’ but Tim says, it’s not about last minute fans. Tim says “You gotta be loyal, I’ve always been a Chiefs fan, always gonna be a Chiefs fan through the good through the good, through the bad, but I think this is the year, I think we’re gonna do it.”

And Patti is right there with him as a lifelong fan in the Chiefs Kingdom. Patti says “There are certain mile markers in your lifetime, and this is one of them.”

Officials with Jock’s Nitch say not to worry about missing apparel, they’ll have more items arriving through the week.