Cherryvale residents deal with flash flooding

Cherryvale residents deal with flash flooding

People in Cherryvale, Kansas were victims of some overnight flash flooding.

“I got reports of them getting as much as 9 inches, and the city manager in Cherryvale called me this morning and said he had a rain gauge that got 10,” said Montgomery County Emergency Manager Rick Whitson.

The wet weather prompted authorities to close some Cherryvale roads and some residents to evacuate.

“Couple of older folks evacuated out voluntarily, family assisted, small children as well. It’s not a dire situation at this time but if the water does get higher, we just want to have it be done,” said evacuee Mark Ellis.

Jasiman Phelan is a Cherryvale mom who came to pick up her son from grandma’s, and get him somewhere dryer. She’s no flood expert, but still has some advice for parents in a similar situation.

“I would make sure you keep your kids close to you, safe. Not much you can do but keep them safe in your arms,” said Jasiman.

As for the Montgomery County emergency manager, he’s keeping his eye on Cherryvale, but also has concerns about the Verdigris River.

“Immediate concerns, of course, is where the river is going to crest, and what that will cause. According to the projections that we’ve seen so far this morning, it should crest around 39.9 in Independence which will put water over Park Street, S. 2nd, S. 10th, but it’s also expected to receed rather quickly,” said Whitson.

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