Cherryvale and Humboldt resolve issue over locker damage after football game

It was more than just a high school football tournament game over the weekend between Southeast Kansas rivals Cherryvale and Humboldt.

It’s a fun time for all…but what happens when high schoolers take the competition to another level?

“Emotions run high. Kids…adults…all are excited about competing…and when you have those emotions running high, you run the risk of these kinds of things.” says Superintendent of Cherryvale schools, Randy Wagoner.

Which is exactly what Cherryvale High School came to find after a weekend rivalry with Humboldt High School.The heated rivalry resulted in damage to the Cherryvale locker room – including dented and bent doors and scratched floors – a total of 300 to 500 dollars worth of damage.
An un-named Humboldt high school student has issued an apology to Cherryvale School District officials, the team, student body and patrons of Cherryvale, which Wagoner believes is the right step to moving forward.

“These kinds of incidents have happened in the past, they’ll happen again in the future, the key for us as schools is we take this and use it as a learning opportunity.” he says.

Cherryvale School District officials will not be pressing charges against the student for the damaged lockers, but rather encourage both districts to take this as a learning experience, and to encourage students to not let emotions get the best of them during athletic events.

Humboldt School District’s superintendent and football coach, K. B. Criss issued a statement about the incident saying

“USD #258 acknowledges an incident that occurred in the Cherryvale Locker Room pertaining to the Regional Football Playoff Game on Saturday in Cherryvale. We as a Team, Coaches, Administrators, or School District will not tolerate this type of behavior. This was an isolated incident involving one player. Once the incident was reported to the Coaching Staff, we contacted the Superintendent of Schools in Cherryvale to report the incident, apologize, and take the corrective action necessary in this situation. The issue has been worked out between both school districts, and both districts are moving forward. The player has personally apologized to the Principal and Superintendent of Schools in the Cherryvale School District, written an apology letter to the Cherryvale Student Body and to the patrons of Cherryvale that will be published in the weekly newspaper. The player will also be compensating for the damages that occurred. The player will not be identified because of USD #258 student confidentiality policies.”

“Win lose or draw, we want to teach our young men and women to maintain character through all those incidents.” Wagoner says.

The lockers are currently in the process of being repaired and replaced.