Chase the Chill Joplin places more than 1400 winter items across town for those in need

1,428 items were donated for the cause.
Chase The Chill

JOPLIN, Mo. – For the past six years at the beginning of December…scarves, gloves and winter hats begin to appear, hanging on trees, statues and more across town.

“Our goal is to just bring warmth to those who need it. We have no stipulations, no requirements, no restrictions, there’s no criteria, we just want to love on the community and bring the community together for a good cause” said Project Coordinator for Chase the Chill, Jessica Tupper Moss.

The annual ‘Chase The Chill Joplin’ event draws dozens of volunteers picking up a bag of  donated winter items to be placed around town for those in need.

“Our locations that we want to make sure we hit every year is God’s Resort, Souls Harbor, Main Street. We’ll go into Cunningham park, Mercy park, places like that to make sure the group that is always out, the homeless people, have a chance to get to something” added Moss.

1,428 items were donated for the cause.

“The items stayed in quarantine for about two weeks in a bag or tote by itself kind of out of the way, anything that needed washed or taken care of as far as people’s homes with pets or things like that we had to take precautions there and after that they were opened up and gone through to make sure they were actually going to keep someone warm, not for design purposes or too frilly, and then hats, scarves and gloves were put together beforehand” added Moss.

Some of the volunteers this year included the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints youth group.

“Our youth are just amazing and their willing to go and give up their Saturday and be willing to serve is a great way to kick off this Christmas season, to be able to center on Christ and serving others…so we’re excited” said Holly Allphim with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The youth group consisted of around 50 kids and teens, hoping to spread a little warmth and love to the community.

“It’s really inspiring to me you think of youth as maybe being a little more self-centered but you look at these kids and they’re incredible, they really truly want to serve”​ added Allphim.