Chanute man arrested after assaulting victim with vehicle

Chanute man arrested after assaulting victim with vehicle
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HUMBOLDT, Kan. – Officers in Humboldt arrested a man after he threatened a victim with his vehicle.

Police say a suspect driving a truck used his vehicle to impede the progress of a B&W Food employee trying to park in the parking lot.

While the employee was attempting to park, the suspect continued to move his vehicle slowly back and forth.

Police say when the employee parked and exited their vehicle, the truck quickly reversed, narrowly missing the victim, according to Police Chief Shannon Moore.

The victim then moved to a different location. At this moment, the suspect quickly reversed, coming within an arms-length of the victim.

According to the police report, the truck then drove to a Petes gas station. After noticing suspicious behavior from the truck, Petes Employees notified the police, who were unawair of the first incident.

After the suspect told police that he was moving vertically in the Petes parking lot due to truck issues, they let him go.

Then, police received a call about the B&W incident and tracked down the truck driver, placing him under arrest.