Chanute firefighter’s surprise proposal caught on camera

Proposed during recess on the Chanute Elementary Playground

CHANUTE, Kan. – A special moment was captured on camera at the playground of the Chanute, Kansas Elementary School.

Chanute firefighters, with sirens blaring drove into the school’s parking lot. Then one of them, Cameron Dietsch, makes his way to the playground. Cameron’s girlfriend Syndi Emling is a teacher at the school and was with her students at recess. Cameron walks up to Syndi and, to the cheers of Sydni’s students, proposes. Syndi of course said yes.

“I was like wait he’s not on shift today and then I was like whoa whats going on,” said Syndi. “I don’t know. I was so confused with everything going on.”

“It means a lot because everyone knows the times we’re going through,” said Cameron. “It’s so difficult to do anything to include a lot of people and I mean it just feels crazy that everyone came together like that and made it doable.”

Fire crews this week had been working on the school’s fire system and Cameron had been working overnight. So the proposal was a surprise to Syndi.