Changes due to COVID having different impact on local fireworks tents

PITTSBURG, Kan. – As many communities scale back or even cancel 4th of July shows a lot of families are coming up with some alternate plans. But those changes, are having a different impact on fireworks tents.

With some communities, like Pittsburg, being forced to cancel their fourth of July shows due to Coronavirus, that’s left families looking for other ways to entertain the family. Michelle Sellars, Owner, BKC Fireworks says “With them cancelling the shows, I know with the Pittsburg show here,we’ve got people coming in saying they’re going to do their own backyard party shows with some neighbors and things like that.”

Michelle Sellars says she also attributes the Coronavirus itself for some of the sales increase. “We have noticed an increase in sales with families coming in because they’ve kinda been locked in, quarantined, and so they’re doing more backyard parties.”

Addy Robinson runs a Bellino Fireworks stand down the road from Sellars. She says they’ve noticed the same trends. “With Pittsburg cancelling theirs we’ve seen a lot of our bigger items go out first, usually you don’t see that until closer to the 4th, and they’re wanting to take them to the lake and stuff like that so that they can still have a good

One family made a trip of 1,600 miles. Marchelle Fritz, visiting from Sandpoint, Idaho, says “We have family here, but we were here for the 4th of July, we were hoping for the big show, but, found out it was cancelled, so, we decided to come get some fireworks for the grandkids who are not use to having fireworks.”

Despite the disappointment, she says her family is making up for it. “They’re planning on putting a big show on for the kids so yea, I’m pretty sure it’ll be good.”

Sellars says the increase in sales is good because they use a portion of their profits to pay for college expenses for their children.