Champion wrestler Nichole Moore leads girls clinic at Pittsburg High School

Pittsburg High School hosts girls clinic for local wrestlers

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Pittsburg high school hosts an all girls wrestling clinic this afternoon led by champion wrestler Nichole Moore.

Moore is a U23 national champion and a two-time NAIA all-American at Baker University. Today, she led around 25 local girls through a three hour clinic.

“I come in here to show wrestling moves, but they’re not going to remember every wrestling move I show. I hope they picked up on one or two things that they liked, but I also try to have a lot of fun when I come in and do camps,” Moore says. “I want to share my love of wrestling with them. I think everyone left with smiles on their faces. They seemed to enjoy themselves.”

The clinic was an opportunity for the wrestlers to learn skills and techniques from a female role model.

“The girls need to see someone doing what they’re doing,” says Pittsburg head coach LC Davis. “Someone like them. Someone that resembles them, and that’s not me. I’m a guy. So it’s good to see another girl that’s in college, on the world level, on the world team. It gives these girls something to aspire to be.”

“A lot of times we’re constantly practicing with guys and we’re constantly mixed in with guys teams,” Moore says. “Sometimes, it’s nice to see how fast the sport is growing and that there are other women out there doing the sport with us and that there are women at high levels doing the sport. I’m really glad that we have other girls that are coming out of Kansas. They see that this is possible and they see other girls doing it and fighting for this and I love that.”