5 Top Tips For Handling Flight Cancellations Like A Pro

If this summer seems worse than usual for flight cancellations, you’re not losing your mind. According to FlightAware, more than 120,000 flights were canceled in the first half of the year—more than in all of 2021. July is shaping up to be just as miserable, especially in Europe. The month started with significant Air France […]

How To Earn And Use The Alaska Airlines Companion Fare

One of the great perks of the is the so-called “Famous Companion Fare.” Each cardholder year, members get a unique discount code letting them book an Alaska flight and add a companion for just $99 plus taxes starting, which start at $22. Alaska Airlines makes it quite easy to use this perk too. The unique […]

Montreal Convention: International Travel And Trip Delays

If your flight is delayed or canceled on an international trip, the law may protect you against losses like the cost of accommodation, meals or alternative transportation. The Montreal Convention is an international treaty with over 130 participating countries, including the U.S. It creates strict rules for how airlines handle claims for flight delays and […]