Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas looks to use taxes on sports bets to attract Chiefs

Kansas legislators are close to approving a measure authorizing sports betting that would dedicate most of the state’s revenues from it to efforts to lure the Kansas City Chiefs from Missouri to the Kansas side of the metropolitan area. Lawmakers expected to give final approval this week to a sports betting bill. A version has cleared the House and was set for final Senate vote Wednesday, but senators discovered that they wanted technical changes. The measure says 80% of the revenues from a 10% tax on bets would go to incentives for professional sports teams to come to Kansas. It could be about $5 million a year. 

Super Bowl LVI combinations: Breaking down the four potential matchups

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles is hosting the final four this week. Not college basketball, but the four surviving NFL teams who are headed to their respective conference championship games. Representatives from each of those clubs — the Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs — will check out the Super Bowl practice facilities and hotels, and review the plans and ...